Panel show in which Sue Perkins poses a series of moral and ethical dilemmas to a panel of comics and journalists

Panel Show
2011 - 2014  (BBC Radio 4)
19 (3 series)
Sue Perkins
Danielle Ward
British Broadcasting Corporation

Dilemma is a panel show hosted by Sue Perkins in which she poses a series of moral and ethical dilemmas to a panel of comics, journalists and other great thinkers of our time.

Would you cheat on your spouse for a million pounds?

Would you give your obnoxious colleague the credit for your work if it meant they got a job somewhere else?

Would you, on the balance of things, destroy Australia?

All of these, and dilemmas posed by the audience, will be answered. Remember, there are no wrong answers.*

Dilemma has been devised by award-winning comedian Danielle Ward (The News Quiz, Newswipe, Mock The Week).

In Series 1 Dominic Lawson was asked if he would provide an alibi for someone he hated; Fi Glover was offered £25,000 to give a talk to a company that once screwed over her husband; John Finnemore was asked if he'd grass up a sweet old lady who was shoplifting. (Yes, Yes, No, were the answers if you're interested.)

As well as these hypothetical questions, the show also features a variety of rounds which may include: Audience Dilemmas, where the panel 'solve' any problems the audience may be having; What Did I Do?, where each panellist relates a dilemma they were faced with in their own lives and the others have to guess how they resolved it; Why I Was Right, where each panellist is given an indefensible action that they must morally justify in 30 seconds; Choose Your Own Adventure, where the panellists get a series of dilemmas, each one following on from the last as they burrow their way deeper into a moral quagmire; and Quickfire, where shades of grey are dismissed in favour of a fingers-on-the-buzzers binary choice - "Would you rather eat a kitten or fight a swan?".

* There are, however, deeply damning ones.