Deep Trouble - Production Details

Deep Trouble. Image shows from L to R: Commander Alison Fairbanks (Katherine Jakeways), Petty Officer Lucy Radcliffe (Miranda Raison), Lieutenant Jack Trainor (Ben Willbond), Captain Paul Wade (Jim Field Smith). Image credit: Pozzitive Productions.

"Radio sitcom set on HMS Goliath, a nuclear submarine - manned by idiots. Written by and starring Jim Field Smith and Ben Willbond"

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Comedy Details
Comedy Type:Radio Sitcom
Tagline(s):They'll certainly never be far from trouble. Deep trouble. Running deep. Running silent. Running away.
Broadcast:Thu 20th October 2005 - Thu 14th June 2007  (Radio 4)
Episode Count:8 (2 series)
Production Companies :Pozzitive Productions
British Broadcasting Corporation
Laugh Track:NO, Laugh Track Free
Regular Cast
Jim Field Smith ... Captain Paul Wade
Katherine Jakeways ... Commander Alison Fairbanks
Ben Willbond ... Lieutenant Jack Trainor
Miranda Raison ... Petty Officer Lucy Radcliffe (Series 1)
Alice Lowe ... Lieutenant Barry (Series 2)
Dan Skinner
(as Renton Skinner)
... PO Bazeley (Series 1)
Gareth Tunley ... PO Jones (Series 1)
Rufus Jones ... PO Curtis (Series 2)
Ben Willbond ... Tom Clancy
Writing Team
Jim Field Smith ... Writer
Ben Willbond ... Writer
Production Team
David Tyler ... Director
David Tyler ... Producer
Other Cast / Crew
Jonathan Ryland ... Narrator

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