Deep Trouble. Image shows from L to R: Commander Alison Fairbanks (Katherine Jakeways), Petty Officer Lucy Radcliffe (Miranda Raison), Lieutenant Jack Trainor (Ben Willbond), Captain Paul Wade (Jim Field Smith). Image credit: Pozzitive Productions.

Deep Trouble

Radio sitcom set on HMS Goliath, a nuclear submarine - manned by idiots. Written by and starring Jim Field Smith and Ben Willbond

2005 - 2007  (BBC Radio 4)
8 (2 series)
Jim Field Smith, Katherine Jakeways, Ben Willbond, Miranda Raison, Alice Lowe, Dan Skinner, Gareth Tunley, Rufus Jones
Jim Field Smith, Ben Willbond
Pozzitive Productions
& British Broadcasting Corporation

2012 - In an increasingly uncertain defence environment, a deadly new arms race has begun. In an attempt to secure her boundaries, Britain has deployed the very latest sub-sea military technology.

Beneath and beyond the front line, these are the adventures of the HMS Goliath. A 55,000 tonne M-Class nuclear stealth submarine, prowling 5,000 metres below the surface. Manned by idiots.

The idiots in question consist of lunch-loving Captain Paul Wade, old school Commander Alison Fairbanks and the frustrated Lieutenant Jack Trainor (pronounced "Tren-oor" apparently).

Our Review: An interesting series which has its peaks and troughs. The show contains good ideas and parodies, however we found the distinction between some of the characters' voices confusing (which may explain why one of the characters was replaced between series). Also, the recurring joke about Trainor's name does get a tad tedious after a while, but this has seemingly been dropped as of series two.

A third series of six episodes is being made.