Baggage. Image shows from L to R: Caroline (Hilary Lyon), Fiona (Phyllis Logan), Ruth (Adie Allen). Image credit: ABsoLuTeLy Productions.


Contemporary comedy drama charting the middle-youth crises of Scottish freelance photographer Caroline

Comedy Drama
2005 - 2009  (BBC Radio 4)
24 (4 series)
Hilary Lyon, Adie Allen, Phyllis Logan, Moray Hunter, June Watson, Robin Cameron, David Rintoul, Peter Capaldi, Stuart McQuarrie
Hilary Lyon
ABsoLuTeLy Productions

Baggage is a contemporary comedy drama charting the middle-youth crises of freelance photographer Caroline and her 40-something, immature student best friend, Ruth.

It's all change in Edinburgh for Series 4 as the original Celtic trio is reconfigured, following the unexpected death from cancer of the often-maligned, but painfully missed, Fiona, their closest friend of 20 year's standing.

One year on, Caroline's father, Hector, arrives unexpectedly and manages to simultaneously build and break bridges over already troubled waters. Caroline valiantly tries to pick up the pieces and to rise to the challenge of co-parenting baby April with Fiona's grief-stricken, estranged husband, Roddy, who has his own ideas about family life and the future. Being catapulted into motherhood is not quite panning out the way Caroline had imagined.

Our Review: This comedy drama must be pretty popular as it has now been going for four series. Sadly we can't count ourselves amongst its fans though - it bored us to tears with its excessively sentimental stories.