All The Young Dudes

A radio sitcom based on the characters from Jim Sweeney's award winning play Danny's Wake

Comedy Drama
2001 - 2002  (BBC Radio 4)
12 (2 series)
Jim Sweeney, Steve Steen, Stephen Frost, Cathryn Harrison, Sadie Shimmin, Flaminia Cinque, Izzy de Rosario
Jim Sweeney

Jim Sweeney's first play, Danny's Wake won a Fringe First in Edinburgh and a Granada Media Comedy Writing Award prompting Radio 4 to commission a series based on the main characters Patrick and Billy. Whilst the play was essentially a black comedy in which two old friends spend a night alone at a wake where alcohol makes truth and lies indistinguishable, All The Young Dudes keeps the same themes, but is far more light hearted. Sweeney blends nostalgia through flashbacks and music to create well rounded characters and an engaging sense of community.

When Patrick (an out of work teacher) and his wife Helen (a high flying businesswoman) move back to the town where Patrick grew up, he bumps into old school friends and reminisces over their childhood. Although Patrick looks back at his school days with some affection, it appears that things were not always as they seemed. However, Billy and Moira (the divorced couple who live next door to each other), Helen and Patrick and local pub owners, Joe and Maria build up firm friendships and a sense of community develops.

The twelve thirty minute episodes explore not only the couples own relationships, but their relationships with their friends and neighbours.