Act Your Age. Simon Mayo. Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation.

Act Your Age

Simon Mayo hosts this Radio 4 panel show that pits three comic generations against each other

Panel Show
2008 - 2011  (BBC Radio 4)
18 (3 series)
Simon Mayo, Jon Richardson, Lucy Porter, Roy Walker, Adrian Walsh
Ashley Blaker, Bill Matthews, Ged Parsons, Stephen Carlin, John-Luke Roberts, Lee Stuart Evans, Lucy Clarke, Will Ing
British Broadcasting Corporation

Act Your Age is a radio panel show which "tries to determine which age of comedy is the greatest."

Each edition features Simon Mayo giving out a series of different comedy games and challenges to the three teams. In the first two series the 'Up-And-Comers' were lead by Jon Richardson, the 'Current Crop' captained by Lucy Porter, and the 'Old Guard' originally had Roy Walker at the helm, then Adrian Walsh.

In Series 3 Jon Richardson, Lucy Porter and Tom O'Connor will act as the team captains for three episodes; with Holly Walsh, Rufus Hound and Ted Robbins leading the other three shows in the series.

Our Review: Most of the BCG editorial team weren't exactly enamoured with the first series of this comedy: the scoring often didn't seem to tally with the content, it didn't flow well at times (awkward pauses aplenty), and suffered from some rather weak jokes. In fact, believe it or not, the Doctor Who 'knock-knock' joke (yes, that one) was wheeled out in the first episode!

It didn't get any better as the series progressed, with the panellists recycling jokes left, right and centre in order to get laughs - but then again to be fair, that is half of the point of the programme.

Summary: If you're a fan of shows such as Hello, Cheeky! with cheap gags, short comic anecdotes and one-liners, then Act Your Age will go down a treat. If you're after something a bit more highbrow, then best to stay clear - the show was voted by users of this website as the "Worst British Radio Panel Show/Satire" of 2008.

The episodes in Series 2 seemed to be a bit 'smoother' - so perhaps this panel show can now start to win around the Editors and visitors of this website? Series 3 will be mixing up the team captains a bit more, which might help keep the material fresh.