4 Stands Up. Chris Addison. Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation.

4 Stands Up

A series of stand-up performances, from new comedians to big headline acts. Series three is hosted by Chris Addison

2007 - 2009  (BBC Radio 4)
14 (3 series)
Rhod Gilbert, Michael McIntyre, Chris Addison
Rhod Gilbert, Michael McIntyre, Chris Addison
British Broadcasting Corporation

This series features stand-up performances from some of the best comic talent in the UK. The first series was hosted by Michael McIntyre, the second by Rhod Gilbert and the third by Chris Addison.

Each episode follows the same format. The host presents three different acts. The first is a young comedian with their own unique style. The second act delivers sketches, musical pieces or character comedy. The final part is filled by a big headline act.

The guests in series three included Alun Cochrane, Pippa Evans, John Gordillo, Jeff Green, Matt Kirshen, Zoe Lyons, Sarah Millican, Jon Richardson and Tim Vine.

Our Review: This series gives over airtime to well-known acts but also some circuit comedians who haven't yet quite managed to move into the big time, and for that it should be applauded. This wide variety of guests does lead to some episodes being a little patchy, but things are held together nicely by the host.

A fair criticism to level at this show is that some of the better known comedians come onto 4 Stands Up and repeat their previous stage acts almost word-for-word. Presumably thinking they can get away with recycling, because they're on the radio. As a result, for seasoned stand-up fans, listening to this show can very much be a case of, "that's funny... but I've heard it before."