The Wedding Video - In The Press

Only one tiny thing went wrong when Robert Webb, star of The Wedding Video, got married himself...

Written by Caroline Frost. The Huffington Post, 20th August 2012

The Wedding Video may not break new ground, but nor does it promise to. It's one of those comfortingly, recognisably British light comedies that does no harm, delivers a good few laughs, and boasts one or two pleasant surprises in its cast.

Written by Louisa Mellor. Den of Geek, 17th August 2012

I visited Basildon Park in West Berkshire as it played host to a series of small but significant social disasters caught on camera by Rufus Hound's character and others and there was the hectic air familiar to both movie sets and wedding ceremonies.

Written by Jon Lyus. Hey U Guys, 16th August 2012

Robert Webb tells Metro he's nothing like his Peep Show character Jeremy, why he hasn't watched co-star Olivia Colman in Tyrannosaur, what he has planned for David Mitchell's stag night and all about his new film The Wedding Video.

Written by Andrew Williams. Metro, 15th August 2012

Here comedian and actor Rufus Hound explains how beards can titillate, his love of stripping... and why he'll never be a celebrity.

Written by Betty Brisk. The Sun, 15th August 2012

Rufus Hound is his usual rambunctious self, trying to force a smile out of Tim who is overwhelmed by the 'happy event' in the days leading up to it. But trying too hard means that Hound isn't always as funny as he thinks he is.

Written by Stella Papamichael. Digital Spy, 14th August 2012

Rufus Hound makes his big screen debut this week as he leads an all star cast in Nigel Cole's new comedy The Wedding Video.

Written by Helen Earnshaw. Female First, 13th August 2012