The Big Job. George 'The Great Brain' (Sid James). Image credit: Anglo Amalgamated.

The Big Job

After their release, an inept gang of bank robbers attempt to recover the proceeds of the Big Job that got them 15 years

What A Carry On: The Big Job
Sid James, Sylvia Syms, Dick Emery, Joan Sims, Lance Percival, Jim Dale, Edina Ronay, Deryck Guyler, Reginald Beckwith, Michael Ward, Brian Rawlinson
Talbot Rothwell, John Antrobus
Anglo Amalgamated

Sid James, Lance Percival and Dick Emery star as a gang of unarmed bank robbers. Following a botched getaway, they are caught by the police and sentenced to 15 years manual labour - but not before George 'The Great' Brain stashes the £50,000 haul in the hollow of a tree trunk.

Upon their release they set out to recover the cash, but find that a new town, Oldfield, has been built in the middle of the countryside, and that the hollow tree is now right in the middle of a police station's yard!

Our Review: Starring the likes of Sid James, Jim Dale and Joan Sims, with direction from Gerald Thomas, music by Eric Rogers, a script from the pen of Talbot Rothwell and produced by Peter Rogers, this comic caper should probably be classed a 'lost' Carry On film; indeed, so close is its link to the series that its original UK-VHS release was titled What A Carry On: The Big Job.

Whilst it may not be laden with the farcical setups or double-entendre of the average Rothwell Carry On, The Big Job is a great film for lovers of classic British comedy. Very much from the Ealing-esque stable, it is a joyous romp with plenty of laughs and much fun to be had by all.