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Frears and screenwriter Moira Buffini make a funny, touching and witty film out of Posy Simmonds' marvellous cartoon strip that spatchcocks awful middle-class country life. Gemma Arterton is a delightful Tamara Drewe, the young woman who returns to her native west country village with a nose-job, micro-shorts and an ambition to write a chicklit blockbuster; she understandably stirs up the passions of ex-boyfriend Andy (Luke Evans), pop star Ben (Dominic Cooper) and slimy middle-aged philanderer Nicholas (Roger Allam).

Paul Howlett, The Guardian, 21st December 2012

An early, if unseasonal, terrestrial premiere for this sunny 2010 comedy starring Gemma Arterton as the titular journalist who turns all the boys' heads when she returns to the Dorset village she grew up in, sporting a new nose and some very short shorts. Based on The Guardian's comic strip by Posy Simmonds, the country house farce is fluffy and charming rather than bawdy but you could warm your hands on the perfect summer scenery.

Sharon Lougher, Metro, 23rd December 2011

Gemma Arterton, in saucy hotpants, returns to her native Dorset village to wreak emotional havoc on the local menfolk, in Stephen Frears's take on Posy Simmons's update of Far From the Madding Crowd. It's diverting enough as tragi-comic Aga-saga soap, but Tamsin Greig is superb as a novelist's wife who runs a writers' rural retreat.

The Daily Telegraph, 22nd December 2011

We're very excited to have been able to add the script for feature film, Tamara Drewe, to our script archive.

Written by Fiona Mahon. BBC Writers Room Blog, 24th January 2011

Many people, wanting to escape the realities of their lives, wish they can spontaneously go away on a peaceful vacation or retreat. While not everyone can just drop everything and jet off to a relaxing destination, Sony Pictures found a way to take people away from their troubles, even if it's just for a little less than two hours.

Written by Karen Benardello. Shockya.com, 28th September 2010

Readers review this week's film.

The Independent, 16th September 2010

If these last, late summer weeks have seen west Dorset experience a surge in visits from French tourists we can thank Stephen Frears for it.

The Bournemouth Echo, 12th September 2010

Thomas Hardy was not exactly a merry old soul, but this film turns his period romance Far From The Madding Crowd into a sexy frolic that's like a frenzied coupling of Richard Curtis and Jilly Cooper.

Written by Christopher Tookey. The Daily Mail, 10th September 2010

Tamara Drewe began life as a comic strip in the Guardian and, by golly, it shows.

Written by Tara Brady. The Irish Times, 10th September 2010

Gemma Arterton stars in Stephen Frears' Tamara Drewe, a tart but essentially bucolic romp in Dorset.

Written by Sukhdev Sandhu. The Daily Telegraph, 9th September 2010

Tamara Drewe plays out like a filthy episode of Midsomer Murders, as if the characters had taken leave of their senses and started bonking behind hedgerows instead.

Written by Jez Sands. On the Box, 9th September 2010

A cameo by James Naughtie, accents that make the Wurzels sound like Joyce Grenfell, enough Cath Kidston florals to choke a dray horse: Tamara Drewe couldn't do more to tickle the fancy of its middle-Britain target audience if it took every last one of them on holiday to Tuscany.

Written by Alison Rowat. The Herald, 9th September 2010

Star of Tamara Drewe Gemma Arterton has said she did not want to play the character, because "I didn't like her" - but director Stephen Frears convinced her. The film also features Tamsin Grieg and Dominic Cooper - who caused a stir among his younger co-stars, with Jessica Barden saying he was "hot in this film... but it's embarrassing to admit it".

BBC News, 7th September 2010

City dwellers often imagine the English countryside to be a rural idyll, tranquil of pace and leafy of hedge. According to new film Tamara Drewe, however, it is the location for "a filthy version of The Archers".

Written by Emma Jones. BBC News, 7th September 2010

As the Dorset-based film Tamara Drewe hits cinema screens around Britain, Max Davidson considers the draw of tracking down film locations.

Written by Max Davidson. The Daily Telegraph, 4th September 2010

Tamsin Greig is very familiar with everyday stories of country folk after spending nearly 20 years as Debbie Aldridge in radio's The Archers. Now she's down on the farm once more, this time on the big screen in her first major film role.

The Northern Echo, 3rd September 2010

From My Beautiful Laundrette to The Queen via Dangerous Liaisons, the director Stephen Frears has proved himself the master of switching genres. His latest film, Tamara Drewe, finds him on yet another tack.

Written by Mick Brown. The Daily Telegraph, 27th August 2010

Stephen Frears's adaptation of the Posy Simmonds comic strip is like the filthiest possible episode of The Archers.

Written by Peter Bradshaw. The Guardian, 17th May 2010