Make Mine A Million. Arthur Ashton (Arthur Askey). Image credit: Jack Hylton Film Productions.

Make Mine A Million

A washing powder salesman with no money for TV advertisements sets out to make his brand known in a far from orthodox manner

Arthur Askey, Sid James, Dermot Walsh, Olga Lindo, Clive Morton, Sally Barnes, George Margo, Leigh Madison, Bernard Cribbins, Kenneth Connor, Martin Benson
Jack Francis, Peter Blackmore, Arthur Askey, Talbot Rothwell
Jack Hylton Film Productions
& Elstree Independent Films

Following a mishap in a laundrette, Arthur is tricked by Sid Gibson into broadcasting an advert on the non-commercial National Television station. He is fired from his job in the NT's makeup department, and goes into partnership with Sid's firm - Bonko washing powder - in making guerilla advertising broadcasts on the National network by overriding their outside-broadcast transmissions.

Our Review: Not the funniest offering from either Askey or James, but this riotous caper is heaps of fun. We challenge anyone to watch Make Mine A Million and not enjoy it.