Make Mine A Million. Arthur Ashton (Arthur Askey). Image credit: Jack Hylton Film Productions.

Make Mine A Million

A washing powder salesman with no money for TV advertisements sets out to make his brand known in a far from orthodox manner

Arthur Askey, Sid James, Dermot Walsh, Olga Lindo, Clive Morton, Sally Barnes, George Margo, Leigh Madison, Bernard Cribbins, Kenneth Connor, Martin Benson & more
Jack Francis, Peter Blackmore, Arthur Askey, Talbot Rothwell
Jack Hylton Film Productions
& Elstree Independent Films

Following a mishap in a laundrette, Arthur is tricked by Sid Gibson into broadcasting an advert on the non-commercial National Television station. He is fired from his job in the NT's makeup department, and goes into partnership with Sid's firm - Bonko washing powder - in making guerilla advertising broadcasts on the National network by overriding their outside-broadcast transmissions.

Our Review: Not the funniest offering from either Askey or James, but this riotous caper is heaps of fun. We challenge anyone to watch Make Mine A Million and not enjoy it.