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To cope with the tragic international events of the last few weeks, let's all revisit Chris Morris' masterwork of dark, weirdly healing comedy.

Written by Nathan Rabin. GQ Magazine, 22nd November 2015

Chris Morris's Four Lions stands alone in its bonkers brilliance. Those who care about culture should end this silent surrender and make some risky TV.

Written by Marina Hyde. The Guardian, 20th November 2015

Chris Morris' Four Lions, released four years ago, skewers the pointlessness and confusion of wannabe jihadists.

Written by Sophie GIlbert. The Atlantic, 18th October 2014

Director/writer/comedy genius Chris Morris once said of this typically daring satire that he aimed to do for Islamic fundamentalist terrorism what Dad's Army did for the Nazis - to show them up as being 'scary but ridiculous'. So here we follow the bungling antics of a group of home-grown suicide bombers, intent on bringing a jihad, if they can only work out their AK-47s from their elbows. The brightest of the bunch is Omar (shining star Riz Ahmed), a devout, suburban Muslim with a loving, seemingly smart wife. A funny, transgressive and frequently perplexing watch.

Carol Carter and Larushka Ivan-Zadeh, Metro, 2nd October 2013

Film4 has removed Four Lions from its schedule following the Boston Marathon attacks.

Written by Tom Eames. Digital Spy, 16th April 2013

He would hate the term but Chris Morris is a 'national treasure'. From The Day Today to Brass Eye, the spiky satirist has created comedy that is ferocious, fearless, unique and still quintessentially British. His debut movie as writer/director is no different - a brilliantly judged farce about four hapless jihadists from Sheffield attempting to commit an act of terror, it somehow manages to be both cutting and charming. Nigel Lindsay's Barry is the pick of the hilarious quartet.

Colin Kennedy, Metro, 15th November 2011

People will be asking you what you want for Christmas soon. Chris Morris's movie Four Lions is a stroke of comedy genius. We suggest this.

Written by James Brown. Sabotage Times, 4th September 2011

Enfant terrible of the comedy world Chris Morris returns on Sunday, with the TV premiere of his feature film Four Lions.

Focusing on a band of disillusioned British Muslims who decide to form a terror cell, Morris pushes the boundaries of black comedy further than ever before, as the group plan a terrorist attack at the London marathon.

Four Lions received mixed reviews when it arrived in cinemas, so now is the time to find out whether it can live up to Morris' previous offerings Brass Eye and Nathan Barley.

Christopher Hooton, Metro, 3rd September 2011

Perhaps the most controversial film of 2010, this brilliant farce by satirist Chris Morris finds the funny side of terrorism. It charts the journey of five hapless British would-be jihadists, including family man Omar (Riz Ahmed), as they plan a mass suicide attack. What ensues is a comedy of errors, as they all are easily distracted on their fast-track to paradise.

The Daily Telegraph, 2nd September 2011

Channel 4 will broadcast Chris Morris's comedy about jihadist terrorists on 4 September, just days before the 10-year anniversary of the attack on the twin towers.

Written by Catherine Shoard. The Guardian, 30th August 2011

Chris Morris' suicide-bomber comedy Four Lions has been nominated for 2 awards at this year's BAFTA Film Awards.

Comedy Central, 18th January 2011

A rare audio interview with Chris Morris on public radio show The Sound of Young America.

The Sound Of Young America, 1st November 2010

Four Lions is a film you really need to see more than once.

Written by Phelim O'Neill. The Guardian, 28th August 2010

Is anything off-limits for comedy? Chris Morris, of 'Brass Eye' fame, pushes the boundaries again with a story about a inept terror plot on London.

Written by Jonathan Romney. The Independent on Sunday, 9th May 2010

Chris Morris has been bold in his choice of target, but his home-grown jihadists are little more than sitcom characters.

Written by Philip French. The Observer, 9th May 2010

It doesn't gnaw at the funny bone.

Written by Anthony Quinn. The Independent, 7th May 2010

The idea behind Chris Morris's latest black comedy is a good deal more daring than the actual execution.

Written by Christopher Tookey. The Daily Mail, 7th May 2010

Chris Morris's hot-potato comedy about a gang of bumbling jihadists opens today in the UK. One of its stars, Nigel Lindsay, explains what happened when the cameras were off and defends his director against charges of Islamaphobia.

Written by Nigel Lindsay. The Guardian, 7th May 2010

Fans (myself included) may be a tad disappointed by this hugely anticipated directorial debut by Chris Morris. This sporadically chucklesome tale of a bungling bunch of wannabe jihadists from Sheffield is not so much sophisticated satire as sitcom humour.

Written by Larushka Ivan-Zadeh. Metro, 7th May 2010

The relatives of victims of the 7/7 terrorist attacks on London have called for a boycott of Four Lions, the British feature film being released this week which seeks to satirise four aspiring suicide bombers. The comedy, which satirist Chris Morris began researching prior to the 2005 attacks, tells the story of four young Muslim fundamentalists, including a white convert, who travel from Yorkshire to London for a bungled assault on the marathon.

Written by Cahal Milmo. The Independent, 7th May 2010

Chris Morris's meticulously researched film becomes a comedy of errors as much as a tragedy.

Written by Sukhdev Sandhu. The Daily Telegraph, 7th May 2010

Families who lost relatives in the 2005 London bomb attacks are appealing to cinemas not to show a British comedy about four aspiring suicide bombers.

BBC News, 5th May 2010

Four Lions, the debut feature film from director Chris Morris tackles the difficult subject of suicide bombers. It tells the story of four young Muslim men from the north of England who become radicalised and decide to become suicide bombers. The cast Riz Ahmed, Kayvan Novak, Adeel Akhtar and Nigel Lindsay spoke to BBC Breakfast about the film.

BBC News, 5th May 2010

Brass Eye creator Chris Morris has made a satire on suicide bombers. Nothing should be immune from humour, the film's writers tell Stephen Applebaum.

Written by Stephen Applebaum. The Independent, 4th May 2010

Verdict: suicide is funny *****

Written by Robbie Collin. The News of the World, 2nd May 2010

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