Fierce Creatures. Image shows from L to R: Adrian (Michael Palin), Willa Weston (Jamie Lee Curtis), Rollo Lee (John Cleese), Vince McCain (Kevin Kline). Image credit: Universal Pictures.

Fierce Creatures

John Cleese leads the staff (and animals!) of an English zoo under threat from a heartless global corporation. A sort-of sequel to A Fish Called Wanda

Death Fish II (USA & Working Title)
John Cleese, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Kline, Michael Palin, Robert Lindsay, Ronnie Corbett, Bille Brown, Carey Lowell, Derek Griffiths, Cynthia Cleese, Richard Ridings & more
John Cleese, Iain Johnstone
Universal Pictures

Ex-policeman Rollo Lee is sent to run Marwood Zoo, the newly acquired business of a New Zealand tycoon. In order to meet high profit targets and keep the zoo open, Rollo enforces a new 'fierce creatures' policy, whereby only the most impressive and dangerous animals are allowed to remain in the zoo. However, the keepers are less enthusiastic about complying with these demands.

Our Review: Fierce Creatures received mixed reviews when it was released, despite a star-studded cast and the success of its predecessor, A Fish Called Wanda.

Although perhaps not as ingenious as the earlier film, Fierce Creatures undoubtedly holds it own. Cleese and Kline are superb, with their comic talents balancing effortlessly on Curtis's sound performance. The supporting cast provide an abundance of guffaws by wholeheartedly committing to their roles as the bumbling yet loveable zookeepers.

An enjoyable film, filled with laughs, classic innuendo and, most importantly, a great leading cast. Not the wittiest of plots, but this is compensated for by the charm and talent of a formidable cast.