Carry On Dick. Image shows from L to R: Harriet (Barbara Windsor), Richard 'Big Dick' Turpin / Reverend Flasher (Sidney James). Image credit: Peter Rogers Productions.

Carry On Dick

Sid James and Barbara Windsor go out in style in their last Carry On film, based on the legend of Dick Turpin

Carry On Films
Sid James, Barbara Windsor, Kenneth Williams, Hattie Jacques, Bernard Bresslaw, Joan Sims, Kenneth Connor, Peter Butterworth, Jack Douglas, Patsy Rowlands, Bill Maynard & more
Talbot Rothwell, Lawrie Wyman, George Evans
Peter Rogers Productions

The recently formed Bow Street Runners have had much success in catching the muggers and highwayman of London Town. The notorious 'Big Dick' Turpin, however, continues to elude them. When their leader, Sir Roger Daley, falls victim on the road to York, they are ordered to find the master criminal - and fast!

Our Review: The last outing for both Sid James and Barbara Windsor, Carry On Dick is also arguably the last of the great Carry Ons, packed with sauce, euphemisms, and big-busted dolly birds. This was no coincidence, for it was also the last film penned by the master of innuendo, Talbot Rothwell - suffering a nervous breakdown due to overwork, he is said to have dictated the script to his daughter, Jane, who typed it up. The story itself was from a treatment by Lawrie Wyman and George Evans.