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The Wau Wau Sisters' Last Supper

'La Clique' stars T&A return with their new show of unearthly delights and debauchery. Straddling the hilarious gap between religious and related, performance-art and party, busking and burlesque, profanity and divinity, this 2-gal circus contorts and careens to a bacchanalian finale. A 'last supper', full of saviours, savants and showgirls!! Finalist 'best cabaret' Adelaide Fringe 2010. Winner 'best international act' Brighton Fringe 2008. Winner 'best cabaret' 2004 Fringe Report. 'A never-ending fast-burning surge of lusty energy and heart-felt passion that could power eternity' (DB Magazine, Australia); 'Irreverent, sacrilegious, foul-mouthed and uninhibited' (New York Times).