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Sir Edmund Hillary conquered Everest and the planet's last remaining unchartered territories at the Poles. All that was left to explore, in fact, except for one location - Milton Keynes. Milton Keynes eluded Hillary mostly because it didn't exist until 1967, long after he had hung up his parka. Hillary had grown up with fantastical stories of far-away, mythical, unattainable places like the gold-haemorrhaging El Dorado and Utopian Shangri-La. Similarly, he could but dream of the multi-storey car parks, the ease of road navigation on Milton Keynes' grid system and the mini-roundabouts. These were exotic, futuristic town-planning schemes... (Continued at http://www.tinybangtheories.com/2012/02/scott-of-milton-keynes.html).

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Paul (Ed.)
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